We get nostalgic for our schools and trains

Game Day Trains is a multi-generational family business, built on a foundation of tradition, passion, and integrity.
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We love to put a smile on our customers’ faces

We started Game Day Trains because we believe in keeping proud American traditions alive. That’s why all of our train sets feature the colors and logos of American colleges and universities. We love the passion collegiate sports fans have for their school. Whether they’re still at college or graduated 40 years ago, you can tell a real fan a mile away.
That same passion and enthusiasm is alive and well in the model railroading world! We know because it’s been a family business for years. We’re thrilled to be able to combine these incredible American traditions together in our products.

More About Game Day Trains

The only train on the track

Game Day Trains is currently the only official licensed producer of G-scale model trains with college logos. You won’t see anything else like it!

Museum quality

Built to last generations, our trains are made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. You’ll be thrilled to pass these storied collectibles onto your children and grandchildren.

Fully operational

These trains are made for running! They can operate inside or outside. Whether it’s around the Christmas tree or around the garden, our trains will keep chugging along.

Majority woman-owned company

That’s right, four out of our five conductors are women, and we’re incredibly proud of the work we do together.

New additions

We plan to release new schools and products each year, so you can continue to add to your train set and keep the passion alive.

Limited run

Our collectible train sets are exclusive and only for the biggest fans. We have limited production runs of each train set. Our powerful locomotives, which have an operating smoke stack, lights, and an engineer, will provide years of enjoyment.

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Meet Our Conductors

The O’Neil family is steeped in the traditions of collegiate sports and model trains.

Game Day Trains is proudly founded and operated by the O’Neil family, headquartered in Snellville, GA. Our five conductors — four of which are female, making us a majority woman-owned company — are passionate about keeping our school pride alive.


We truly are a house divided, with graduates from Auburn, Georgia Tech, Berry College, Salve Regina, Boston College, Fairfield University, and Sacred Heart University. With playful competition and boisterous rivalries, we love showcasing our school memorabilia whenever we have the chance. There is nothing compared to the excitement of a fall Saturday in our homes.

Each one of us brings unique skills to the company, from engineering to communications, education to sales and marketing, all the way to management. Together, we continue to grow, bringing new schools and offering new models on a regular basis.

Our family grew up in the SEC & ACC states of SC and GA, with a G-scale model train running under our Christmas tree each year. It is a tradition that brings us joy, time and time again, and we love being able to share that tradition with all of you.

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