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SHOWCASE YOUR SCHOOL PRIDE with these museum-quality, fully operational G-scale trains. Our trains can run anywhere inside or outside – so whether you want to build a track around the garden, have it run around the Christmas tree, or simply display it on a shelf in your home or office, these beautiful trains will take you wherever you want to go. Our ready-to-run sets come with everything you need to get on track.
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G -Scale Locomotives from Game Day Trains

Bringing together two time-honored American traditions: Collegiate Sports & Model Trains

College football fans cheering in a stadium

AT GAME DAY TRAINS, we’re keeping these proud American traditions alive through our high-quality G-scale model trains. Our passion for our products shines through in the intricate details you’ll see on every piece (as does our multi-generational school rivalry!). We want you to experience the fun hobby of G-scale model railroading while proudly displaying your school’s colors and logos.
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All of our products are highly sought after. Each piece is manufactured in limited production runs, so make sure you get your hands on your school’s set before they’re sold out.
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